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The Catalyst!

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You are the one!  The one who is here to truly revolutionize generational healing! 


You are truly gifted with enough light to fill the universe, you have suffered enough, it’s time to learn who you truly are!


You are a light bearer who has had to endure a life of trauma to force you to wake up to the true power within you.  Unfortunately, you suffered abuse!  Sexual, mental, emotional from early childhood and this is what you need to heal.  


Yes, you are very alone!  You feel out of place and misunderstood.  You know you are from a place not like here!  People irritate you, you have little patience as most think too small for you.  You long for deeper conversations about Angels, dimensions, even aliens but instead you are left disappointed.


Your life as you know it does not satisfy you!


You are the catalyst!  You are truly an Angel incarnate!  But what does that mean?


You are here to heal everything!  Heal every trauma at the hands of others and from the generations before you!  You are here to break the code.


You have to go back!  Go back to what hurt you!  Go back to what you don’t even remember!  Experience it and heal it!


This is not easy!  This is the hardest thing you will ever do!  But you, my love, are strong enough to accomplish this!  You are a powerful being of pure Divine Light!  This is what you signed up for!  You are here to increase the levels of consciousness on this Earth and to provide healing to others, but you can only do that once you have done the same!

Step one is to start releasing all of this stagnant energy, let it go!  

Repeat this affirmation several times a day, “I release everything that does not belong to me!” 


Learn to ground your energy by connecting to Mother Earth and allow her to fill you back up with love!  Do this daily!

Go ahead and watch my FREE Grounding Webinar where I teach you the fundamentals of Grounding as well as how to incorporate it into your daily routine! 


You will physically, mentally and emotionally feel the difference in how you feel immediately!

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