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The Energy Absorber!

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Everything! I mean everything sucks your energy dry!  You attract narcissistic personalities that keep taking and taking!  You are constantly giving everything you have for nothing in return.  You are drained and completely in dismay about where to turn.  When you try to explain how you are feeling, people just turn the conversation back onto them.  I feel ya, I lived like this for years, unseen and unappreciated.  


The reason, well they see the light in you that you don’t!  You feel trampled on by a herd of elephants whereas everyone else in your life is just fabulous!  Your light shines so brightly you are attracting what we call “energy vampires”, the ones who don’t know how to look after themselves, so they rely on you to do it for them.  You may have even been born into a family of them!  


The point is, because you’re an Empath, you have been absorbing everyone else's energy for years, you have no idea who you are!  The anxiety and possibly depressive episodes that you live with can be easily relieved when you simply start letting go of what does not belong to you, because I can guarantee, that all of this energy isn't even yours.  It's literally bags and bags of other peoples crap that you have been carrying around for all of your life!

Step one is to start releasing all of this stagnant energy, let it go!  


Repeat this affirmation several times a day, “I release everything that does not belong to me!” 


Learn to ground your energy by connecting to Mother Earth and allow her to fill you back up with love!  Do this daily!

Go ahead and watch my FREE Grounding Webinar where I teach you the fundamentals of Grounding as well as how to incorporate it into your daily routine! 


You will physically, mentally and emotionally feel the difference in how you feel immediately!

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