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The Cycle Breaker!

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Life has been pretty tough!  You are the glue that holds everyone together but also the black sheep of the family.  You take everyone’s shit and keep taking it as you feel that's what you're here for!


The reason you are aware of this means that you know that you are different. 


You are here to break the generational cycles that have replayed in one form or another for as long as you can remember. 


You are tired and completely fed up as you don’t know how to change.  You are aware of the family generational crap and just want to escape into your own little world but instead you keep showing up for everyone else but yourself!


It’s time to put your own needs before everyone else! To be selfish is the least selfish thing you can ever do for the people you love!  Don’t get me wrong, they will probably not understand, but it’s not their fault.  They are here to replay the cycles so you can break them.  They are not supposed to understand, but by continuing to share your love you can continue to provide but more so take care of yourself. 


To be The Cycle Breaker takes courage, you have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in and know there is a higher intervention taking place!  You have to be strong enough to understand that you will continue to be the unpopular one but it's time to navigate your true path.  You are here for a greater purpose, you will only start understand that when you start to listen to yourself!

Take your power back and start paving a new path!  Follow your heart!

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