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Keep Me In Denial!

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Right now it feels like “Healing” is a trend!  But what do you have to heal? Right! 


You don’t really understand the healing process so you feel quite nonchalant about it!  But here’s the thing!  You took the time to complete this quiz so you were definitely guided here for a reason!


You are living the life, it’s wonderful, doing exactly what you want when you want! Or, at least that's what your mind is telling you!


However, you are prolonging the inevitable and living your life behind rose tinted glasses.  It appears wonderful, but you are lacking awareness of what is real and what isn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, back in my 20’s this is exactly how I lived too!  I put my everything before myself, in fact if I’m honest, this latest into my 30’s too!  I would do anything to keep myself busy so I wouldn't have to spend any time alone with my own thoughts & feelings!

But I was a ticking bomb!  I was pretending that I was ok!  I was erratic, up one minute and down the next!  But as long as I was busy, I could cover it all up and hide the way I was truly feeling!


My intention is not to make you think - “Shit, who does this woman think she is!”


My intention is to help you bring awareness into your life!  To inevitably stop pretending and be YOU! 


We all have stuff we need to heal and trauma, well, this is the ticking time bomb inside of you that will, one day, explode!  


By no means am I saying that you need to stop everything, to go and register for a year long retreat, but what I am saying is be more aware of you and your needs & wants on an emotional and mental level!  Start a journal where you dialogue your thoughts, read it back after a week or a month!  Are you being honest with yourself about how you really feel?  Or are you putting your thoughts on the back burner as it’s too much to handle right now!

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