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Your Questions - Answered!

My whole childhood and teenage years were lived in fear! I experienced things that were not believable! In fact, it wasn't until I was 22, a single mother to my beautiful baby boy Joseph, that I finally received some acknowledgement & my mum took me to a spiritualist church! I remember her saying, "Do you think it's Grandma?", my response was, "but why would Grandma be scaring me?"

As we sat, Mum desperate to hear a message from my Grandma and me, well petrified of it all, we listened to these messages for other people. The medium, I remember had short red hair, quite petit, she seemed to have everyone's attention. I specifically remember her mentioning a side board with a broken leg and I was like "wow" could she know that!

We waited til the end to speak with her, Mum tried to explain my situation and her response was " You are obviously very gifted, if you do not want anything to do with it then just tell them to go away!" That was it! As she walked away I just felt so defeated. I had finally had someone to talk to and that is what you give me! Nothing!

A few nights prior I had the most terrifying experience!

As I was constantly scared, I used to have a little routine! The bedside lamp was never switched off. I would read myself to sleep. I would ensure that the landing light was left on, in case I need to get up in the night.

I had my single bed and Joseph was about 6ft away from me in his cot, against the wall! The only thing I remember being different that night was that I had been talking to my brother before I had started reading. Already in bed, once we had finished I just placed the phone on my bedside table next to the lamp. I was reading a huge hardback, must have been 3 or 4 inches thick. I don't remember reading that night before I fell asleep, but I do remember what happened next.

I woke to the almighty force of the book being pushed off my leg and it literally flew directly under Joseph. Now imagine, this was a very heavy book, and it flew, it didn't just fall to the side of the bed. It didn't even hit the wall that Joseph's crib was against, it stopped dead under Joseph. I immediately picked up my phone to call my brother back, but there was no signal! I never lost connection in that house, even back then, but it was dead. I jumped out of bed, scooped up Joseph and ran! Once downstairs I wrapped Joseph in another blanket, myself in a coat and dashed out of the front door. I don't even think I closed the door! Now here's the thing, the whole time I ran down the stairs and out of the house, someone or something was grabbing hold of me, trying to pull me back! This feeling didn't leave me until I found my way to the end of the street!


This past couple of months I have been receiving a lot of questions with regard to spirit!

Questions pertaining to children, teenagers & adults.

Some just sensing that they are not alone! Is there a presence in my home? My teenager has high anxiety and can't sleep as they believe they are seeing things! My child is having night terrors and is being chased by the shadows! This is literally the tip of the iceberg!

I will always do my best to help, guide and answer any questions! It's funny as again, this is not a widely discussed topic. Obviously, some do reach out for help, but usually, the first comment is "this sounds crazy but....!" So firstly get one thing straight! It is not crazy! It is extremely common, there is literally just a lack of communication on the subject!

I have been through it all! As a child And as an adult. You cannot ask me anything that I have either not heard or experienced first hand. My only wish, is for this to be more of an open discussion and then maybe we would all be better prepared and less fearful. The fear is caused by the lack of knowledge and I really want to put a stop to that. My memory above is not to frighten anyone, but instead shine a light. You see, we are all light, I didn't know this, I had no idea what was happening to me & more so, noone to help.

Let me explain, spirit is just like moths to a flame! The brighter you shine the more attractive you are. But when you add fear to the equation, this is where a lower vibrational spirit may be able to have an affect on you!

If you, your child or someone you know has been going through anything like the above, here are some simple tricks to alleviate the situation and put them back in charge!

1 - You are in charge! It's your house, your room! You get to dictate who or what is allowed in there! Set the rules and put your foot down!

2 - You are attracting because you do shine so brightly - This is a beautiful thing! Tell yourself - "I shine so brightly", However, you are in control of your light which means YOU can switch it off! Before you go to bed, visualise I bright candle or torch on the top of your head! Then, blow it out, or switch it off! You can put your hand on your head and just see the dark.

However you switch your own light off is completely up to you - parents you can do this with your little ones also - there are no rules, except that you want to turn the light off!

3 - If you ever feel scared, again, remember you are the light - turn yourself into the hugest giant of pure light that you can. Show your strength and power - turn into a superhero - and visualise the light coming from all around you, inside of you and make yourself as big as you can - and ROAR!

4 - Have some tools around the house - My particular favourite is a singing bowl! These help to keep the vibration of the home at a maximum. You can also use crystals like Selenite and of course Sage. I like the singing bowl though as it increases the vibration and clears the energy instantaneously - plus kids love them!

"Together, we can transmute fear into the oblivion, together we can rise, together we can increase the vibration of those who believe they are not worthy, something is wrong with them! This is not the truth! The truth is that we do not shine a light in the darkness - we do not trust or believe that the darkness within the light is the only truth we have - Be free from all that hinders you!" - The 47

With Love - As Always


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