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Why Can't I Let Go?

This question pops up all the time! Why can't I let go? How do I let go? I can't move on!

Whenever we meet someone new, go into a new place or simply be in the awareness of another, a cord is created!

The outer layer of our Aura is called the Etheric layer, this is the stickiest layer of the other layers in our Auric field, being our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical layers. So the Etheric cord is attached to our Etheric layer!

Have you ever been anywhere and felt dirty or yucky, well this is why and you immediately want to go and wash it off!

When we speak of clearing our energy, we speak of clearing the etheric layer and cutting cords of attachment.

Don't worry, I'll provide you with my top tips on keeping your energy sparkling clean below, but first, imagine you have had a much deeper connection, a marriage, job, even a house!

In this case the root of the cord has buried deeper into your Auric field and this is the point of why people find it so difficult to let go, to move on! You energetically can't, not until you have done the work!

So how do we do it? Well here are my top tips on keeping your energy clean and protected:

  • The shower or bath is a great place to start!

For a shower, visualise that the water is the white light! As you are washing yourself, visualise the white light clearing your energy and physical body, visualise it surrounding you and breaking any connections and as you are doing this say to yourself, or out loud "I am clearing myself of anything that doesn't serve my highest good"

For a bath, set the intention before you get in - "this water is going to clear my energy of anything that is not serving my highest good". As you unplug the bath, visualise the murky water taking everything down the drain!

  • Call upon Archangel Michael!

Archangel Michael is the Master Protector, he can help you with not only cutting the cords but also protecting your energy!

"I invoke the power of Archangel Michael! Please cut the cord to anything that is not serving my highest purpose! Please use your powerful blue sword to sever any attachments from any time, space, reality or dimension, to anything that may be holding me back on my current path! I thank you for your guidance and for helping me remain free to see my path more clearly! Archangel Michael, I also ask that you surround me with your blue energy, allow me to be cocooned and protected to ensure my energy remains clean and clear!"

"Amen and so it is"

As you invoke the prayer above, visualise Michaels beautiful Blue Ray sweeping through your energy field. You may feel some tingling, pulling or even pressure on or around your body! This simply means that AA Michael is doing exactly what you have asked, so just breathe into the feeling.

At the end visualise him surrounding you with the same blue energy, see yourself in a blue blanket, or a blue egg for eg! Whatever you see is uniquely for you, so don't dismiss it! If by chance you have noticed that you are attracted to the colour blue, this is indeed AA Michael letting you know you have his protection and for you to call upon him to help further!

  • Meditate!

Meditation is the purest way to connect with your inner being, your higher self and your spiritual team. It's also the best and easiest way to clear your energy! There are so many guided meditations on YouTube and I am also putting some of my very own Guided Meditations within the Becoming You membership, however, if you are a newby or seasoned meditator, here are some of the meditations you should look for when it comes to clearing!

~ Grounding

~ Archangel Michael

~ Connecting with your Spiritual Team

~ Violet Flame

I could provide you with the meditations I like, but the fact is you have to find your own! What resonates with me may not be for you! However, these are my favourite YouTube Channels:

~ Lisa Beachy - I recommend her meditations to just about everyone! They are short and sweet, easy to follow yet very powerful, plus, she has the most amazing voice!

~ Jason Stephenson - Jason works mostly on sleep meditations, which are great, especially if you are a beginner! You can simply fall asleep but the subconscious is still listening and the work is getting done!

~ Steve Noble - works more on a soul level! Steve's meditations are a bit more high level and intricate! I love them, but if you are a newby I wouldn't jump straight in with Steve!

There are so many to choose from, ask your Angels where you should start before you open YouTube (or different app) and pay attention to where your attention is drawn!

Needless to say, you can't do any of the above just once! It has to become a part of your daily routine. When you get accustomed to clearing your energy as much as you clean your physical self you can start to go deeper with your attachments! So yes, that 10 year relationship attachment will not just disappear, but you will be able to remove any negative aspects of the relationship rather quickly, and then as you move through you can invite in forgiveness and love, this is when you truly know that the attachment is diminishing! If you are still being triggered then you need to keep clearing and investigating what it is within you that is causing that trigger - that may be a different cord altogether!

Let me know your thoughts and how you get on practicing your energy clearing!

With Love as Always


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