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What's Going on?

I know, I know, oh my goodness do I know!

The energy has been crazy just lately! Up one minute and down the next!

What's wrong with me? I feel all over the place! Why is this happening? I am going crazy!

Firstly, let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with you! You are not going through this alone!

We as a planet, are going through what is referred to as a mass ascension right now! With so many of us "waking up" over the past year, the symptoms are more apparent than ever before!

Why is this happening?

Many spiritualists have believed for many years that Earth was going to transform into the 5th Dimension! - The 5th Dimension (5D) is where heaven presides - and we, as I am sure you know reside in the 3rd Dimension (3D).

The 5th Dimension is right here, living and breathing around us, it is literally a difference in energy!

So, what's the difference i hear you say?

Well, it is a state of being! If the 5th dimension is to be accessible by us, then we have to change our "being" into that of love! To live a completely heart centred life!

2020, I believe, was the catapult! It was most definitely required to "wake" everyone up! A literal "wake up and smell the coffee" situation!

I hear you - "Seriously, Kelly! Could this not have been done in a much simpler way?" Well, No!

We as a human race are self centred, lack self worth, materialistic and down right ungrateful! Mother Earth, the Universe itself has been trying to teach us for many years - way before our lifetime, but unfortunately greed always came out on top! You will have heard me say many times, that if you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, the Universe will kick your ass to make sure you do and that is literally what happened, the Universe kicked our ass! We were all forced to stay home, be present, chill out and stay there!

All of a sudden people are realising what they already have! Realising how lucky they are! Having appreciation for their family being safe! Finally seeing that everything they need is right under that very roof!

Some didn't like their jobs, so they quit or in a lot of cases lost their jobs and were then forced to answer the question "What am I supposed to be doing with my life" , and that was it, just that question, or change in perception was enough to begin to a "wake up"!

Fast forward to today!

Last year, whether you believe it or not was a healing experience! When we start to heal, we start to let go, when we start to let go we make room for new energies to integrate and that is exactly what is happening. Imagine digging a hole in the earth to plant a new tree, the tree needs time to adapt! Or a washing machine dispersing of the dirty water while you add the softener!

Out with the old, in with the new and allow more love!

The ups and downs are completely normal when we experience an energetic change and it's ok to be all over the place! You are letting go of a lot of stagnant energy, energy you have been holding onto for years, but it hasn't been serving you. You have been comfortable in your oblivion, but you have not been in a place of love!

Ask yourself " Do I love myself?", in most cases people will not answer this question honestly, but you can only start to integrate love into your life when you do!

Pay attention to the thoughts that come into your mind as you ask this question! Then ask yourself is this my feeling or something that has been projected onto me? If it has been projected onto you, either by family, specifically parents, friends, childhood traumas, then you can start the process of letting that go! They don't belong to you! When you start to let that go you can truly start to love yourself, for you are not who you once believed yourself to be!

Be patient and be present!

Love as Always


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