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What No One Talks About!

Everyone talks about the light, but very few discuss the dark! We are conditioned to be afraid of the dark! We are conditioned to be afraid of the unknown! We are conditioned that to stay safe we must stay in the light!

We become fearful and the Ego is trained to only allow the light! The Ego will keep us safe in our own little shell of comfortability and prevent us from allowing change - change is the unknown and that is not safe!

The Ego is not the enemy, in fact we have no enemies except for those that we have created, but we believe the thoughts our Ego has manifested because this is what is familiar! This is what we know!

Most won't heal! Most won't allow the uncomfortable in! Most won't be able to be empowered by the dark because it is not familiar, it is scary, it is unknown!

You can scroll through Facebook and Instagram seeing post after post about staying in the light! To be true to the light! To be positive all the time and not allow in the negative thoughts! They will tell you to say affirmations! They will basically tell you to pretend! And yes, for a short time you will feel elevated. You will smile and say "I want this", "I can do this", "This is me". But then, shortly after, the feeling will fade and you will be back to battling your own level of consciousness! You will then search for something else, another post of inspiration, another live video offering you quick fixes, another lift! You will say "Omg thank you, I needed that so much!"

Its all a lie and most won't tell you the truth, in fact, they want you to keep hanging on to the light as they are too, refusing to accept the dark! They want you to pamper their egos, and keep them in the light too! Their need for popularity and greed overcomes all aspects of displaying their vulnerability, its like a fluffy blanket that keeps them safe, keeps them in their comfort zone!

Please don't get me wrong, I used to be the follower hanging on every word and I used to be under my own comfort blanket, feeding my own Fears, needing to be liked and "I am making a difference in peoples lives" bullshit, but I too was feeding the cycle.

So why do we continue on this merry go round? Well, because its easy! Its familiar and it is safe!

But this is FEAR!

and Fear is not real - False Evidence Appearing Real

But most enjoy you being there!

We all have a purpose here, for some it is to continue the illusion and for fewer it is to break the illusion, you see, its actually the illusion that keeps you in the dark, that you are fighting so terribly hard to convince yourself you're in the light! And by convincing yourself of the light you are pushing yourself further into the darkness - further into the illusion!

The Light is actually a State of Being!

The Light is Acceptance

The Light is Truth

The Light is Flow

Now be honest - do you have full acceptance of who you are? Do you live in your fullest truth? Are you in flow?

If you answer Yes to any or one of the above then I'm afraid you are literally pretending! You are in the illusion!

You can answer with "I am learning" which could be true...but you cannot say a resounding YES because we do not yet know!

You see the whole point of the light is to allow it to emerge into our souls slowly. We cannot do this in one day, one week and in some cases lifetimes.

Imagine that you are a blank wall, you can paint that wall to make it look better, but in a while it will need painting again.

This is the process of Healing! You are born into this world as a blank wall - THE LIGHT, but over time you will become a little dirty, you will have marks on you - you will need a fresh coat of paint. But you can't paint yourself, you can't cover up the dirt with a fresh coat of paint, you have to Accept each mark, each piece of dirt. You have to discover WHY you became dirty, uncover the Truth and then you have to let it be removed - FLOW.

Only the dirt is in layers, lots of little integrated layers that can only be illuminated by the light a stage at a time and with every layer, another layer appears.

Your despair is your dirt

Your anxiety is your dirt

Your negative thought patterns are the dirt

Your need for perfectionism is the dirt

Your need of quick fixes is the dirt

So I ask you, can you ask yourself today, why?

Just ask yourself why do I have these thoughts? Why do I feel this way? Why do I need this? Why is this comfortable to me? What am I afraid of?

Literally sit quietly with yourself and take note of the responses, then again ask why!

Keep asking yourself, never stop questioning but be aware of how you are feeling! Does this question make you feel uncomfortable? Do you get a pain or feel heaviness or tightness in your body? Does your ego simply respond with "Don't be stupid!"

All of these responses are providing you with the answers you seek. They are all showing you why, so listen!

I am aware that this whole blog maybe uncomfortable to some, some may have stopped reading once I say the word "dark" but for those of you who are reading this last sentence, let this be the sign that you are now ready to pick away at those layers of the dirt!

With Love as Always


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