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What happens before the Spiritual Awakening....?

Last week I wrote about the symptoms of an awakening & due to the feedback I received I wanted to go deeper on this! So deep in fact, that I want to start at the beginning - your beginning!

The word "different" is hashed around, a lot! You always knew you were different! Unfortunately, there isn't really a better way to explain it, growing up and probably even now, you know you ARE different.

For me, I know there was an aspect of isolation! Irrelevant of what my childhood was like, I felt isolated & alone. But in all honesty, being alone was my favorite place to be! I would play in my bedroom, pretend to have a store and spend hours talking to myself (haha obviously I wasn’t actually talking to myself) Being alone is where I found my peace, the solitude was my saving grace!

I was bullied all through school, I don’t really remember having many or even any friends! But as I think back to this now I think it’s irrelevant if you were bullied or in fact the bully! One aspect is fighting to fit in and the other is fighting to fit in! Both aspects are feeling the isolation, but only one is acting upon the fear of that by lashing out! However, in both cases, the bully & the bullied are already aware of their “difference” and incorporating their “isolation” the only way they know how!

We don’t fit in! There is just no doubt about it! We may try for a big part of our lives, to fit in, to create what we have been told “should be”. The marriage, 2.4 children, the house, the car, the happy ever after! But it just doesn’t work and we refer to it as “struggle”! We fight and fight for this dream that doesn’t even exist, literally because we are trying to fit into a mold of what we are supposed to be! You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole! Some of us will then just settle! Maybe I was wrong, maybe this is what life is about, maybe I’m not supposed to be happy!

We feel everything so deeply! I’m pretty sure I have filled several reservoirs for the tears I have shed! I would cry about everything! Whether it's something on the news, a show, a friend or even just someone down the street, we feel their pain and we have a habit of taking their burdens on as our own! What we don’t realize is that this is because our consciousness is higher than the norm, we are healers, we are lightworkers here to diminish the pain of the world and so we actually feel it on a soul level! Let me ask you though , how many times have you been told you are too emotional? Or when you were a child, stop crying or I will give you something to cry about! Again, this made us feel different & caused isolation and we would try to bury our emotions!

You would be told, “You can’t do that!” You would have an idea, an aspiration and you would know, without knowing how, without uncertainty that this was the right thing for you! But someone, somewhere would say - you can’t do that! They would project their fear & conditioning onto you - trying to keep you in that mold of who you are supposed to be! How many of you then say, “yes you're right, it's a crazy idea!” OR if you’re anything like me, “I will bloody well show you what I can do!”

You are the Black Sheep! Whether it be of the family, work or community! You are the one they always moan about, think you’re crazy but you are also the one who holds everything together! Forfeiting yourself and what you know what you need for the greater good! Again, swallowing your tears, your differences, for the want of fitting in and being needed but inevitably isolating yourself!

Your circumstances may not yet reflect what you know, but you know! There is just no doubt that you know who you are! In your heart you know that you shine brighter, you know that you have a significant purpose, you know that there is something magical within you! There is something gnawing away at you to embrace what you know - you just don’t know how to get there - and then BAM, like a meteor falling from the sky! The universe forces you to wake up and you will proceed into a Spiritual Awakening!

Below is a channeled message from THE 47 - last weeks Intuitive Q&A within the Becoming You membership! The importance of being present & in the flow!

The Gift of Transformation begins this Thursday at 7pm! If you have been drawn to the mentorship or anything I have said during a video or blog has resonated with you! Don't doubt or allow anyone to cause doubt that you are being guided to be here!

Remember - YOU KNOW!

With all my love

Kelly xo

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