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There Are No Rules!

Spirituality is a path of self discovery, trust and in some aspects - pain! Avenue's of joy and road's of horror! The two intertwined create the biggest rollercoaster journey that can ever be available to you.

A Spiritual Awakening can very often be misunderstood - enter a picture of me sitting in the Lotus Position, incense burning, a water fountain in the background while I visualize myself in a beautiful meadow, the colours of the rainbow cascading over me, Angels all around, while we all sing OM perfectly in tune!

Now, let me take you to this morning, or even the past two weeks, whereby I have been uncontrollably emotional, tired, irritable! Dealing with the darker aspects of healing, going deep with Inner Child Trauma, releasing something I suffered when I was 4 or 5 years. Something that was buried so deep, I had absolutely no memory of! Then allowing the process to take place all while wanting to scream at the top of my voice and just hide away!

You will often hear me say that this path is not for the weak! In fact some question the existence of the Angels - or Higher Beings when things do get tough! How can this be happening, I hang out with the Angels now, my life is supposed to be rosy!

The fact is - in many aspects life will get harder - at least for a while - or while you are moving through shit that you have knowingly or unknowingly accumulated throughout your years!

The question is - Do You Want to be Aware or Ignorant? Afterall, they do say Ignorance is Bliss!

If you do wish to be aware - then hold onto your hats - get ready and enjoy the ride!

The first thing to be aware of is - there are no rules! No rules whatsoever! I actually feel that this is the part that most struggle with! We are all so used to rules of some sort within our lives, that to then live without rules is a bit of a conundrum.

Below is a message I channeled from The 47 just a few minutes ago:

"Rules are for the rigid who are questioning the Science - the Religion - themselves! The fact is rules are man made - they are restrictions that were created to enforce control! To keep others where they are believed to be!

To say there are no rules can cause confusion to those who entrust in the rules of Society - Government - Spirituality and we do not wish for that to happen! So now, instead we simply say this - There is only one rule - Live by one's own rules - Live by one's own heart!" - The 47

So what does this mean? Well, it means that you are perfectly allowed to feel the way you do! The thoughts you had this morning were justified, there will be no judgement or passive aggressive remarks made about you or to you and if there are, you are aware enough to understand that is a projection of the others' feelings about themselves and nothing to do with you! No one can tell you how to feel or think or do!

You do whatever makes you happy - and this is Meditation - you do whatever fills your cup! Whatever fills your heart with the most joy! Some days that could be climbing a mountain and others it could simply be binge watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix! Some days you'll be so happy you want to shout it from the rooftops and other you want to do nothing but cry in a corner!

It is all good!

Spirituality of a process of Becoming You! Of letting go and surrendering to the rules and regulations that have bought you here in the first place! That little niggle in the back of your mind that has always told you that you are meant for so much more! Be free!

With Love as Always

Kelly xo

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