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The Truth!

I had such a wonderful experience this past couple of weeks, I just had to share it with you but firstly I need to explain, that just as there is Good and Bad here on Earth, there is also Good and Bad in the Spiritual Realm! We all talk about the 3rd Dimension - being here on Earth and the 5th Dimension - being in Heaven. But very rarely do people talk about the 4th Dimension!

The 4th Dimension, is basically the rabbit hole in between! Its the place where there is no light, no love! Just an existence! Some may refer to this place as hell, however, I like to think of it as a place of choice!

Almost like, a prison here on Earth. If someone is in prison, the general thought is that they must have done something bad to be there, but they do have a choice as to whether to change their life choices and reestablish their life or to continue to make the wrong choices and end up back in prison, however we all know that there are some that don't believe that they deserve a normal life, or they are so institutionalized they wouldn't know where to start!

When we pass over, we too have a choice! To go to the light or not! It's as simple as that! I truly believe that we are all provided with that choice, no matter of what we may have done down here! Depending on the kind of life we have lived will depend on the lessons we continue to learn once we have embraced the light but still, we are all provided with that choice!

If we refuse the light, we are left in limbo - the limbo of the 4th Dimension!

The thing is, the light provides us all, each and everyone of us with energy. Whether we are in the 3rd or 5th Dimension that is what the light does! Almost like a battery charger! So if there is no light in the 4th Dimension what happens? Well, spirit that refuse the light will eventually run out of battery! They will run out of light and basically become darker and darker!

These are more commonly known as entities or demons! These kinds of spirit will then do whatever they can to source their energy and it usually involves taking it from us! They take pleasure in keeping you from accessing your light!

Now I don't talk about this lightly, or with the intention to worry you. But this is something that I have personally experienced my whole life and have only just realized why!

From as early as I can remember and as I have shared before, I have always been afraid of the dark! My fear would take over my whole body! I never really understood why, but let me tell you, I have had some very frightening experiences and over the past year these experiences have escalated, the difference is, I was not scared anymore!

I have battled with demons and other lower vibrational entities, some had been sent my way, other transferred from clients, you name it, it's happened. the thing is the more you shine your light the more they want you to be in the dark, so yes, without going into details its been rough. ha, I would usually call on my guy - I call him the Hit Man - to take care of these things for me. But you see, I was missing the point.

You guys have all heard me say - the more you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing the more the Universe will kick your ass! Well, lets just say, in this past year my ass has been kicked!

These happenings have been becoming more and more frequent, I seriously have not slept for weeks, it's been exhausting, then I realized, I am supposed to learn how to deal with these myself!

You see, I am so heavily protected, my house is completely locked down, my family are too protected, the only possible explanation was the Angels are allowing this to happen for me to understand that I have the power, the light, the strength to overcome the darkness! It was like a bolt of lightening and as soon as I realized I knew that this was the end of this chapter of my life. I just had to learn how! So of course I asked the Angels to show me!

They started to provide visions of a past life - when I was a priestess! It's through these visions that I overcome my most recent battle! But that's not all....

...a few years ago I had a very good friend who borrowed me two books! They were both about Merlin - one of my guides - but I never read them. The friend ended up ghosting me, like she seriously dropped off the face of the earth, we went from speaking several times a day to zilch, nothing. Yes it was strange, but I had done enough work on myself at that point to understand that our time was done. I had sent her a message about the books and she told me to leave them at a store I was doing readings from, after months she had never collected the books so I bought them back home. I still never read them.

A couple of months ago I had found a meditation with Merlin on You Tube, it was a beautiful meditation and I subscribed to the channel.

So fast forward to just last week. I had asked the Angels for their help with the entities! I was sitting outside and they told me to go on You Tube - there at the top of the first page was a video regarding Psychic attacks. Obviously I watched the video! Now this video was made 5 years ago and has approx 500 views. It was not a popular video!

Merlin whispered "Book with her!" So off I went looking for her website but I couldn't find it anywhere! I went back to You Tube and there was another video of this lady's where she actually says " Hello, my name is Margaret Doner" ha ha I had it! I happened to look and I was subscribed to her channel, but when did I do that I thought!

Then like a bolt of lightening, as I am scrolling through her website guess what I see? Merlin! Everywhere! I realized she was the lady who's meditation I had listened to two months before and then I see it! The books that my friend from years before had borrowed to me! This lady was indeed the author of those books! I start to laugh in pure disbelief!

Did my friend only come into my life to give me the books. How long have the Angels been trying to teach me about the darkness. Like seriously, you cannot make this up! I fetched the book and went back outside. Deep in the pages, this flash of light just bounces off my garden. I look up and wonder was that lightening, but no, as there before me stood St Germaine in all of his glory - and St Germaine was the incarnation of Merlin in the King Arthur times!

I read the book in two days and the funny thing is (as if there needs to be more) if I had read it years ago I wouldn't have understood a word of it!

You see it was only now, at this specific time that I was vibrationally ready to overcome this lesson!

How beautiful is that?

We can overcome any cards that we are dealt in this life, and isn't that the whole point! We are here to learn and integrate more light as we learn. The lessons will only ever be what are you truly ready to overcome! So breathe deep my friends and no if you too are having sleepless nights any reason you are being reminded of just how strong you are!

The Angels will only deliver the lessons that you are vibrationally ready for!

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With Love as Always


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