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The Moon - My Must Have Rituals

The Moon has always amazed me - the Moon and the Stars! The vastness of the beauty shining brightly within the depths of the darkness!

I remember as a child, if we happened to be walking at nighttime, there would be sparkles throughout the pavement or sidewalk, flickering under the street lights - I truly believed these were fallen stars guiding us home!

As I have gotten older, I have a newfound appreciation for the masterpiece in the sky! Yes, I am that person, it doesn't matter what stage the Moon is in, I will always gaze upon her with complete admiration and love, for it is her that teaches us that there is always love and light in every stage of our cycle! Whether that be the blank template of a New Moon or the richness of the Full, she is there to guide us to unity with the Universe!

We all go through cycles, there will always be a beginning and an end, so I wish to take this opportunity to share with you, how I honour the Moon's cycle and especially how I incorporate it into my day to day life!

1 - Gratitude

Make a list of at least 5 things that you are grateful for!

Gratitude is a must for so many things - to manifest, to attract love, to bring abundance, to learn to appreciate what you have, to list just a few! Gratitude is a gateway to receiving, when you are grateful for what you have, you are blessed and feel blessed so therefore there is no lack. When there is no lack, there is no NEED!

2 - Cleanse

Cleanse yourself and your house and everything in it!

This morning as I was walking within the trees, I took a moment to stand in appreciation, to say thankyou and to connect with Mother Earth & The Angels! As my feet stood firmly on the ground I visualized roots sprouting from my feet, releasing what is not serving me into Mother Earth to be recycled for the greater good! It doesn't matter if you are new to this as the pure intention of releasing is what matters. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and repeat, "I am letting go of everything that doesn't serve me!" Stay there for a while and allow the process to take place!

Cleansing your house can be anything from clearing a closet, having a Spring clean to Saging! Follow where you feel inspired - as this is the Universe guiding you to what you need to let go of!

Thirdly, write a list of absolutely anything and everything you wish to let go of! From a feeling about others or yourself to physical items! Literally write whatever comes to you - there are no rules!

3 - Take a Bath

Must have Ritual!

Yes, this does fall into the Cleanse category, but this is more to do with connecting to YOUR Divine Feminine! It doesn't matter if you are female or not, we all have a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and living in the times we live in The Feminine can sometimes be left aside.

Take a bath or a long shower and allow the water to soak your tired muscles. Use Salts, Essential Oils, even Petals! Light a candle and create your very own personal Full Moon Ceremony, right in your own bathroom. Set the intention of what you want the water to do, breathe and allow! Feel the empowerment and rejuvenation set in as the magic gets to work!

Following the bath, take a good look at yourself in the Mirror and repeat these extremely powerful affirmations!

  • I am Beautiful!

  • I am Love!

  • I am Loved!

  • I am Healing!

  • I am connecting to my true self!

  • I am Powerful!

  • I am Strong!

  • I am Brave!

  • I can accomplish anything I wish!

  • I am completely connected to the Universe and the magic in which she carries!

  • I am choosing to live my best life!

  • I chose me!

  • I am releasing everything that does not serve me!

4 - Set your Intentions!

Go back to your list!

With a new sense of power and strength, take a moment to write down exactly what you would like to accomplish over the next coming month! Take pen to paper and list anything that you want to do! Again there are no rules, it can be anything from maybe being a little more patient to enrolling in a course you have had your eye! Literally write anything that pops into your mind!

5 - Burn the List!

Yes - Burn

After dark, go outside! Spend some time just breathing under the moonlight, stand in appreciation of her beauty!

Repeat -

"I release everything that is holding me back from any time,

space, reality or dimension! I let go of the need to control

or force, I transmute any fear or judgement!

I choose to let my heart lead the way, with courage and strength I

will learn to be me, to trust my guidance and soul connection!

For I am Light! I am source! I am the Universe!"

Burn the paper and trust the process of renewal and rebirth!

You don't have to wait for a Full Moon to do any of the above, in fact I will do any of them when I feel inspired to do so! But, that said, the Full Moon acts as a gentle reminder to not only honour her, but ourselves too!

All my Love as Always

Kelly xo

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