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The Main Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening!

There are so many aspects of a Spiritual Awakening it can be difficult to pin point what you are actually going through as we will experience things differently BUT unfortunately all at the same time!

I think its safe to say though, that this is how you will KNOW, its your first sign, its the slap around the head with a 4x4 to get your attention!

I know, it doesn't really make sense does it!

Let me explain! Basically, when your life is crashing down around you, that is it! Haha! Literally! There are no explanations or riddles! It is as simple as that!

You are literally been forced to change, everything, every single little minute thing in your life and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

You will lose all control! You see, we are never meant to be in control! We are supposed to be in the flow! But most of us live our lives in a very masculine way with logic and order, with rhyme and reason! We hold onto the reigns of our life as we stand in fear of allowing things to just happen. Some would call this organization, the Universe however, calls it being out of balance! So the first thing the Universe will do is literally pull the reigns out of your hands at such a force you may feel like you have just fallen from a cliff!

Destruction! Everything will start to self combust! Haha, what can go wrong will go wrong! I mean for as long as you don't listen it will feel like the world around you is just crashing at your feet! From a marriage falling apart to losing your job to maybe having an accident or becoming ill! There could be a death, an argument, a separation of family members! A loss of a home, money, car! It could be any and all of the above! But the more it falls apart, its human nature to hold on even tighter, but all the Universe wants you to do is Surrender.

Epiphany/Knowing! Even though all this crazy shit is going on, deep down you know why and it brings you some kind of peace. Its like a light bulb going off in your head and all of a sudden you realize you haven't been paying attention to the things that matter! You know...the little things. The birds, the bees and the butterflies. You haven't been living a life that you enjoy, and somewhere deep down, you understand that this is all happening for your highest good and you find yourself saying "What will be will be!"

Distance! People won't get you and you won't get people anymore. The world will seem foreign! Like you are the only person who talks any sense and the rest of the world talks gobbledy gook. How is everyone not changing the way you are? Why is she still moaning about Karen? Jesus can the world get a grip! Everyone is so boring! I just want to have a meaningful conversation with someone about The Angels, the 7th Dimension, Life after Death and Parallel Universes! Come on People - Meet me half way!!!!! Haha I jest, but it is oh so true! You will feel completely alone and some times it can be paralyzing!

Peace! You will feel Peace! Peace and trust as you succumb to the meaning of life and to the meaning of you! There may be a numbness at first, but this soon becomes peace as you truly release the reigns and begin a journey of self discovery!

So many of us are going through such huge transitions, I wanted to remind you all that's it all ok! Remember this -

The Phoenix would have nothing to rise from, if the flame didn't exist!

All My Love


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