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The Angels Answered!

My path is changing, altering everyday and I am finding myself in unknown territory as I do my best to navigate my growth with unknowing of what the future holds but trust that the Angels are guiding me!

The truth of the matter is I wake up everyday not knowing who will cross my path that day, who will I open my Zoom too, who will I receive a call from or a message! Who has been delivered for me to help or for me to be helped! I am so blessed everyday and I chose to say thank you, give gratitude for everything that appears in my life. The reason? I have learnt over the years that every single thing that happens in our lives is very deliberate. There are no coincidences, only synchronicities that can teach or be taught!

I have had the opportunity to connect with the Ascended Master, Jesus, over the past few days and as I procrastinate as to whether this should be shared or not, I have to ask myself the question as to why I am questioning it at all! What am I afraid of? Maybe it's the time of year? I am way past worrying about what people think, so I don't believe it to be that, but maybe the fact that I can connect with him is why I'm thinking there maybe judgement! But then I ask the question, If I do not share, how can I teach others that they too can connect with him - in fact with any Ascended Master, Archangel, Goddess, Deighty, Master Teacher - the list goes on!

As Jesus approached in a beam of golden light - he held out his radiant hand, which emerged from his long sky blue robe and said:

"Come with me my child, for you are not alone. Place your hand in mine and feel safe, you are safe, you are loved. There is no need for trepidation or dread, open your heart to the immersive light that is within you and surrounds you! For we are all connected through our hearts, our light, our love! Together we can rise from the footprint of sadness, lift our heads instead to the sky, feel the vastness that protects us, the routine of day & night, the heat of the sun and the mellowness of the Moon! This is you! This is all you! Keep your hand in mine my dear! For you are safe, you are loved."

I had asked the Angels a couple of months ago, Show me how I can help more people? How can I be of more service? Everyone needs healing! Everyone deserves to feel how powerful they are! Slowly slowly, I started to be drawn to different people, on You Tube - on Facebook and Instagram! With each video I watched or post I saw, I was receiving more messages!

You see this is how they work, in the most subtle ways, just a little nudge here and there! A beautiful little aha moment and boom, you received the message!

To everyone that crosses my path, I thank you! You were sent by the Angels and for that gratitude doesn't seem enough.

With Love as Always


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