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Self Care vs Self Love!

Self care and self love - come on Kelly, aren't they the same thing?

Ermmmm well no, let me explain why!

What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the words - Self Care?

  • Taking a bath?

  • Reading a book?

  • Having 5 minutes to yourself?

  • Meditating?

  • Walking?

  • Connecting with Nature?

  • Getting together with a friend?

  • Sleeping in?

  • Making yourself your favourite drink?

The list can go on and yes, you are right all of these are apart of self care.

Self care for me, is literally taking the time to do something you enjoy!

So let me ask you this, how often do you do that?

How often do you take time for yourself? Shut out the outside world? Listen to your heart and follow?

  • Once a week?

  • Twice a week?

  • Less than above?

  • Errmm I can't remember?

.....and here lies the problem! Self care is not a luxury, it requires effort from you! I know that sounds harsh, but if you do not make an effort for yourself, no one else will. It has to become apart of your DAILY routine! Please do not say that you do not have time! If you have time for everything else that you fill your day with, then you also have time for yourself. You have to prioritize you! And that there is me knocking the nail on the head! How many of you are actually your first priority? OOOhhhhhh Kelly - I felt that! Good, because you need to hear it!

One of the members of Becoming You emailed me this morning saying what a difference she had noticed already with her negative thinking - we have met 3 times in the past month! Now imagine what you would feel if you incorporated Self Care into every single day!

What are the benefits of Self Care!

  • Less noise in your mind

  • Less self sabotage

  • Elevation in your mental health

  • Elevation in your physical health

  • Elevation in your emotional health

  • Increased level of self worth

  • Increased boundaries

  • Increased Self Love

Yes, self love is an ever evolving product of self care! So what I am basically saying is, the more time you spend with yourself, the more you will begin to love yourself!

Self care provides you with the capacity to get to know yourself! To appreciate yourself! To know your worth! When you spend time putting yourself first, looking after you and your needs the more you begin to heal. When you begin to heal you stop covering everything up that you don't like about yourself - you no longer force yourself to be busy - because you are all that you need and understand that what you were previously hiding is product of not taking the time for self care before! Make sense? When you give yourself space, you give yourself the opportunity to let go of all that does not belong to you or is no longer serving your highest self.

It is a process! A process of self care that evolves to self love!

With Love

As Always


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