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Say Yes!

It's true, not everything is meant for us! Some people are better at communicating, completing tasks, being organised! Better Mother's and Father's! Better creators, finishers and evolvers! We all have our strengths and weaknesses! But how do we know, unless we take a chance, unless we start saying YES!

We spend so much time making excuses, thinking that we are not good enough, now is not the time, I'm not ready!

How many times have you said these things to yourself, or even to others? I know I have said them too many times! Removed myself for one reason or another from the limelight! Stood in the dark when I should have stood front and centre in the light!

I was recently given the opportunity to join approximately 25 other ladies in a Priestess Masterclass Summit! I jumped at the prospect, but the ego self soon took hold!

"Am I good enough?"

"Who wants to hear what I have to say?"

"I'm not as experienced as the other ladies!"

I actually tried to find an excuse to not be apart of it, until I realised, with the help of spirit, that this was for my growth as much as for everyone else! So I said Yes!

I took a leap! A leap that scared me, made me feel uncomfortable and has had me asking these questions daily! But the point is, I should be scared, for what is growth without a little trepidation! Of course some of the other ladies are more experienced! But their experience is completely different to mine - so how can it be measured?

When we compare ourselves to others we are failing to see the true message! As it's from the strengths we observe in others that is a true reflection of ourselves! - The 47

The fact is that we are all completely unique! Your method of communicating is different to mine! Your way of parenting is completely different to mine! I could go on and on! But we are all completely different, we all offer a different perspective, a different experience! Your path is yours! No one should and can compare! No one has felt what you have felt! No one has heard the words that you have heard! So therefore there is no one else like you!

Own this! Be this! Allow yourself to be you! No comparisons or judgements! No failings or guilt! You are you and I am me! Let us all shine together!

If we all bring our own piece of uniqueness out into the light, for all to see, imagine what a beautiful world we would live in. All holding space for ourselves and allowing growth and magnitude into our lives but still holding space for everyone else, all to grow at our own pace!

Start saying YES! Say yes to that new job! Say yes to that class! Say yes to meeting new people! Say yes to the opportunity to not stay in your comfort zone!

In fact, if something scares you, makes you feel uncomfortable, removes you from your comfort zone say YES even louder! Use these feelings to catapult you, to invigorate you, to ignite your soul - You will never regret it!

With Love As Always

Kelly xo

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