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My Top Tips to Help You Right Now!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I know, I know, it's like really!! Again, Really??

I'm afraid so!

I just want you all to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I understand that you may feel physically alone, but your team is always right by your side! Your loved ones, your Angels, your spirit guides! They are here to help! So ASK!

There is not a right or wrong way, there is no perfect tone or place, you simply need to ASK!

As well as asking you can also do more to help yourself! When you help yourself the path is clearer and your team will be more prominent in there guidance to you!

So here are my top tips to help you right now! To bring balance, peace and acceptance!

Number One - Get outside! We have everything that we could ever need just on the other side of our front doors! Even if you just stand on your front step and take some beautiful deep breathes you will most certainly feel the benefit. However if you are able to venture a little further, within nature, the elevation in your vibration will be abundant! You will have more energy! You will feel lighter! The cobwebs will have literally melted away.

Nature has so much to teach us, the trees bare their all in the cool Winter breeze, standing tall and unashamed. Use this as inspiration to "Bare all", to let everything go, surrender to the process and repeat "I'm letting go of everything that doesn't serve me!"

Number Two - Enjoy the Peace! A lot of us try to keep busy for keeping busy sake! To not allow our deepest thoughts to pop up to the forefront of our minds or because we feel obliged to be constantly on our feet! Or more so, out of fear of getting close up and personal with our feelings.

To use this time wisely I would suggest you get to know you! Yes, you! Allow silence to encompass you, just be!

Breathe and listen to the sound of your heartbeat, do you hear it? Isn't it beautiful? Place your hand on your heart and repeat " I am letting go of everything that is not serving my highest purpose!"

Number Three - Talk to your Team! The whole process of letting go involves uttering words that you may have held onto for years and years. It involves trusting yourself, it doesn't matter what you have to say, whether its good or bad is really irrelevant, you are being heard! You are worthy of being listened too! And the Angels are the most wonderful listeners!

Its like the old saying "Its better out than in", no truer word has been spoken. Let them words loose, don't filter or think just allow them to run wild. Do this whilst your out walking, or having a bath or shower, again there are no rules. But as you are speaking be sure to say "I am releasing everything that has been holding me back!"

Give it a go! You have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain!

Be patient with yourself, these are tips that work for me, you may have to adapt them for yourself!

Just know that you are never alone!

With Love as Always


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