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It's Free!

It came as quite a shock, a realisation that it does still exist, but the shock was due to the unfortunate circumstances that we are still finding ourselves in!

"Kindness is a gift of the rich at heart!
The kindness one shows another is the kindness that rules the world behind doors and media of stereotype! The extravagance that is portrayed is usually full of ego, but the true kindness of everyday is where the true love lies!" - The 47

It was my youngest son's 6th birthday this past Thursday, his second in lockdown! At a time when he should be playing, having birthday parties and truly enjoying himself, we found ourselves completely locked in the house, the weather wasn't even our friend! I apologised to him so much, I asked what do you want to do, he said "I just want to go to the park and for a walk Mummy!" I know, I said, I'm sorry - but we can still make the most of it!

We played chess and then Monopoly - which was actually drama free for a change haha! We had birthday cake at lunchtime and take out Sushi for dinner! All of which he thoroughly enjoyed!

There was something missing though, that was something that could only be provided by others! You know, when the attention and admiration of other people can provide you with that tingling special feeling! Especially to a child, that feeling of being centre stage can make all the difference! Isn't that what birthdays are for - one day in a whole year, that it is all about you?

Little did he know that I had put a request out into the Universe (and Facebook ha) that he would be able to have that feeling!

About quarter past five I told him to go and get his jacket and something on his feet! His brothers in on the surprise soon followed and we all went on to the driveway! We took some pictures with his garden sign and waited, before long the honking began. There had been the occasional honk during the day, but it wasn't until he saw all of these different cars coming up and down the street, peeping their horns just for him, he truly felt like the King he was supposed to feel all day! Neighbours just got in their cars to be able to peep for Oliver! Strangers shouting Happy Birthday and friends of mine stopping to pass a gift to him on the sidewalk.

He was on top of the world and me, well the tears just flowed!

I was so in awe of the people that came, so thankful for the kindness and generosity of their time! The difference in my boy was second to none and it was literally just 30 minutes of the day! The honks continued more so during the evening than during the day, we had knocks at the door with gifts and cupcakes - it was absolutely amazing!

It truly got me thinking about how much of the kindness is hidden behind the worry. The media - the negative ninnies - Covid and now with the vaccines! We can still do so much for each other, to show kindness, to enable someone to feel like a King or Queen on any given day! It doesn't need to be much! A hello how are you? A message, phone call or even a honk!

With respect, thought and a little less judgement we can all be kind - and guess what! It's free!

With Love

As Always


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