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It's a Firecracker!

I don't know a whole lot about astrology, but what I do know about is being an Aries! The Aries energy is unstoppable! No negotiating, forthwrite and stubborn! We know what we want and we will do damn near anything to get it! We will pour our heart into our relationships and passions alike but should we trip up, or be tripped we will move on quickly and swiftly to the next.

The New Moon this evening is delivering this exact energy to everyone, so get your gladrags on and get ready for some no nonsense deliverance of what you have been asking for! The Aries New Moon is setting the scene for the rest of the year, so now is your chance to truly magnify, enhance and attract exactly what you want to create over the next 12 months!

  • But first, you need to be clear and concise about what you want! If you tend to be a negative thinker you may want to get on top of this now, as your thoughts create your reality, so do not contradict your intentions!

  • Set your intentions free - let the Universe take charge and be your lead! Follow where you are inspired to go - follow your intuition! You can't control the outcome, or the journey prior to let go of the reigns and sit back!

  • Be open to healing - when we want something that we don't already have, it's usually due to us not being a vibrational match for what want! We can only raise our vibration by healing and releasing and therefore making more room for love and light! So, if you are feeling like a basket case it's a good sign that your creation is on its way!

  • Everything will go to shit! Things will start breaking and falling apart in front of your eyes! What can go wrong will go wrong, but this is actually the best way of recognising that you're evolving, moving higher in the vibrational scale and that your manifestation is close!

  • Remember though that not everything that you think you want is actually meant for you, we tend to listen to our ego more than our soul, so instead of manifesting something that you don't really need, tune into your higher self and listen to what your soul believes you could bring into your life instead!

The 47 ask today, "Believe in yourself and your creations! Evolve into what you wish to create, become one with the highest version of yourself and you will be directed to the quickest route of your souls needs! Breathe into the moment and listen, open your heart and feel the answer!"

You are worthy, you are ready, you are love!

Love Always


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