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I Had a Dream!

It was like an epiphany!

Years ago, before I even created The Ancient Priestess, I had a dream, a vision to guide women on a path of Transformation! To teach women that they were not who their circumstances would dictate, or what they were conditioned to believe. They weren't victims, they were actually great beings of light that could change their life!

As most of you are aware, I have three boys! My eldest is 20, middle is 14 and my youngest is 6! They all have different fathers! Was this the plan? No! But this was my journey! For so many years I was searching for someone to take care of me, truth is, I was so used to taking care of myself that I doubt I would have let anyone take care of me anyway.

I want to start with Noah, my middle son! Joseph was 4 when I met his father! He was 13 years older than me and lived in another country! I had met him when we were on vacation in Malta with a friend of mine who was also a single parent! We had a great time. He was a waiter, very charming, funny and charismatic!

Within two months, Joseph and me were living in Malta with Noah's father! It's funny because just within a couple of weeks Red Flags were blaring, just as they had before! But I persuaded myself that it was all the nervousness of the move and things just needed to settle.

By January I was pregnant with Lilly, she was 9 weeks in utero when she passed. She literally paved the way for Noah, who I was pregnant with within the month! Those nine months I couldn't rest. I lost blood and even water. My OB believed there was a twin who also passed! It was a complete rollercoaster!

I wasn't working, money was tight, very tight! His temper was ridiculous, it was like living with Jekyll and Hyde! I never knew what side we were going to see or be subject too! To call him narcissistic would be an understatement. His responsibilities were not his, this man, 13 years my senior believed himself to still be 18! Drink, drugs and manipulation were a daily occurrence! He would trash the house regularly and for me, this became my normal. I was numb!

Our happiest times were when he was at work and out of the house. In fact, his ex wife became my best friend. She, her daughter, me and the boys became the family. he was an occasional guest!

For five years we lived like this! But it was the fourth year that I changed!

There was a day, I remember it clearly! He was ranting and punching walls, I was ironing pretending to carry on as normal. The boys were chatting to me, I think they had even come to the point where his behavior could be ignored! All I wanted to do was smash him over the head with the iron! I could feel the anger building inside of me, then I thought, if we both lose it, what would that do to my children? After he left for work I called my Doctor and I asked him where I could take the boys! Where could we be safe? He told me about a local shelter! He called the shelter for me and I packed some supplies and got the boys ready! I didn't tell a soul.

As soon as I was there, I was interviewed by several people! The same questions asked time and time again with what appeared to be of little interest for the answers, I suppose they had heard it so many times. I was given the rules and told this couldn't be a permanent solution as there wasn't room. I remember thinking "Who would want this to be permanent?" and later I received my answer!

As we sat outside in the evening around the playground I got talking to some ladies - ladies who had lived here for years!

Ladies that had suffered abusive relationships much worse than mine and had settled for this reality.

"This was not going to be my reality! This wasn't going to be my children's life!"

After just a couple of days he had tracked me down, begging forgiveness with promises of getting help! I was well aware of what was going to happen, however I made the decision to go back! I wanted the boys to be in their surroundings, their own beds with some sort of routine. But the difference was that I was not the same woman returning, there was a shift within me and I started to plan our new reality!

It took a few months! But in May 2005 we moved into our own home! A tiny penthouse that had a distant view of the sea, it was bliss! The struggles continued, but they were our struggles, not those enforced by someone else. We lived and learned but we were happy!

Obviously I am cutting the story short, but this is where my dream originated! In 2016 Ben, my husband asked me what I wanted to create! I replied with "I want to help woman claim back their power! Irrelevant of their history or current circumstances, I want to teach women how powerful they are!

I had visions of building a place from scratch! I even saw myself wearing the hard hat around the building site! A place for women who had reverted to a shelter for whatever reason but knew that this wasn't how their life was supposed to be! I saw it as a holistic safe haven, that comprised of Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing and Rehabilitation. Teaching creativity and balance. Providing a sacred space for her to learn, grow and evolve!

The epiphany I had a few months ago! Well, I am living my dream!

My dream may have manifested in a completely different way to what I thought. I may not have the building, nor has every woman spent time in a shelter!

Maybe the building is yet to come! Who knows - but I am doing exactly what I set out to do!

Dreams do come true! They do manifest! Keep moving and never settle! You are not here to suffer! You are here to create the reality you wish for!

All my love


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