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Dealing with the Darkness!

Last night I had the most beautiful experience! It was about 9,45pm and I happened upon a Facebook memory from last year of me blasting music into my eldest sons room to wake him up, God I started to howl with laughter. I started dancing to the music playing and before I knew it I was chatting with spirit while I continued to dance, I saw my daughter Lilly, she would be 13 now, she was dancing and laughing and tears were just rolling down my face! "What's next?" I asked and I heard clearly, "Pretty Woman!" this of course was my Grandma as Roy Orbison was her favorite. We played it four times, dancing and singing in the living room, what appeared to everyone else as being alone, I was instead surrounded with my family!

It's been quite the rollercoaster for the passed few months and not just for me of course but for everyone! I have been receiving a lot of questions about darkness, people stating that they are just living in the dark, some asking about evil and others just feeling like their lives are falling apart! I can sit here and tell you that it will pass, after all it usually does, however as we are going through it, living through it, it can be hard to see the light at the end of tunnel!

The fact is, we have to accept these times for what they are! We are all light and we are all dark, the two should live in harmony, however because we tend to overshadow one aspect with the other there becomes a conflict of energy within us, this is why when its bad, it feels much worse! We tend to try and hold onto whatever we are feeling or experiencing, over analyzing a dream or a thought and this causes us to spiral into the depths of despair. Some spiritual workers would refer to it as a "Dark night of the Soul", haha but how can that be when it can last for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time? I know eh!

The truth is - Acceptance is the key! Own it! Take responsibility for it! Ask yourself, "Why am I feeling like this?" or "What do I need to learn from this?' and even, "What do I need right now?"

Asking these questions gives you the power, you are taking responsibility, not trying to hide the way you feel but to learn from it instead. When you do this the dynamics of the situation changes completely, your feelings or situation are no longer pulling all the strings, you have restored an equilibrium.

Listen to the responses you receive! Is your body a little achy? Go and take a nice hot bath, relax and go to bed early. Are you having issues sleeping? Don't take your problems to bed with you - instead take a good book with you, a herbal tea, soft lighting and allow your eyes to let you know when they're ready to close. You listen by following little signs of inspiration of what would be nice, you can ask your Angels to help you with this! Last night I obviously needed a giggle followed by a happy cry, but let me tell you. I slept like a baby!

The biggest thing is to Allow! When we feel like this it is actually a good thing (believe me it is). Our mind, body and spirit does a hell of a lot of work without us even realizing! Now take into account the year we have all just said goodbye too. The majority of us did what we could to remain calm, collected, balanced. But we were all going through something that no-one has ever gone through before, can you only imagine what a strain that causes on the nervous system for one!

Our minds and bodies are now literally asking for a break, just a little time to process and release what may be left behind so we don't carry this around with us for the rest of our lives! If that takes a few days, weeks or months I think its the least we can do! Take it easy on yourself and be patient, accept the Ying and the Yang for they are all you! You are light and dark! You are beautiful!

You could also crank up the music and have a little karaoke party for one, I can guarantee though, you will not be alone, you are never alone!

With Love as Always

Kelly xo

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