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Congratulations my love's - you have made it through the darkest days of the year and on this day - Spring Equinox, we celebrate an equilibrium of the light and the dark!

A raw balance of acceptance and balance, renewal and rebirth!

"Spring is the fortitude of all new beginnings! With a greater aspect of one's whole self shred bare, all that is needed has been released and all that is on offer is now available! The beauty within and with love in your heart you can now see that the obstacles are no longer dismantling your view - the horizon is yours!"

-The 47

Take a moment to celebrate yourself today, these past few months have not been the easiest by any stretch of the imagination and when you add the fact that we have all been receiving a massive upgrade to the mix of a global pandemic, well, a little celebration is the least we can do for ourselves!

Celebrate the milestones, the accomplishments, even the hardships and thank them all for the teaching and healing that was made available to you! Then thank yourself for having the awareness and courage to embrace it all!

I absolutely love this time of year! The world seems to reawaken from the best night's sleep! There's a busyness in the air and everything just seems possible again! A reinvigoration to the earth and the sky and every little thing in between!

Here is a few things that I have been doing already this past week and let me tell you it makes a heck of a difference - let's embrace Spring together!

Make a vested effort each day to get outside, as soon as you have poured your coffee, Go and sit on your front porch or in the back garden, even next to an open window and listen! Listen to the magnitude of nature, the chorus of the birds, close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deeply and bring that cold crisp air into the belly and slowly release, stay here for a few minutes and smile with the thought "Today is a good day!'

Open the windows and allow the freshness of the air to enter your home, to bring life back into your home! I have had mine open at every opportunity, the stagnant energy of the winter are clearing and all I want to do is clean! Open the kitchen cupboards, clear them out and also throw out any old or broken items - release the old to make room for the new!

It's never to early too Spring Clean - Clear Clear Clear! If you want to embrace the new beginnings then you have to make room! Not just in your house but in your mind, body and spirit too! Get out of the house, walk and release!

Set Intentions and write them down! What do you wish for? What do you want? Whether it's a new car, house, job or even just peace of mind, write it down and put it somewhere safe! Concentrate on all of the above and watch the miracles occur!

Be thankful! - For Everything!

With Love


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