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Coaching & Mentoring

The Path to True Enlightenment

I absolutely love what I do, and there are fewer things I love more than teaching someone else how they can do it too! You see, we are all psychic! We are all gifted in our very own beautiful way! We are all divine! We are all light!  When you are able to guide someone through a journey of healing, growth and expansion, there is no greater gift than being a witness to their own realization of this!​​​

​My psychic guidance comes from a soul level of unconditional love in which my clients find a deep connection and trusted environment for learning.​ With so many individuals embarking on their own spiritual paths and awakenings this has become one of my most popular services!  I find so much joy in helping clients reach their highest potential, to heal and to let go of everything that has been holding them back!

Click below for access to a FREE Grounding Workshop to aid you in releasing stagnant energy, bringing more balance into your day to day life!


Find the way home - to your heart!

An opportunity to learn and receive from Kelly, The 47 and The Galactics in a One to One format, a completely private space just for you! 

Each session will be intuitively led, guided by the Higher Dimensions, but can include Channeled Messages, Energy Attunements and Healing!  

Strengthen your own Channeling capabilities  while learning how to clear and attune your own energy!  We will play with energy and expand your energetic field while you learn how to connect, clear and align!

Your anxiety will significantly reduce if not disappear completely – your confidence will magnify and all while putting your ego aside and truly live from the heart! You will become everything you are meant to be- and the love will be never ending!

You will be expected to do the work - I can guarantee this will be a roller coaster! Not an easy ride!  But I promise you, it will be worth it!

When you make the decision to sign up for 121, you are making the decision to change your life! 
I cannot wait to be apart of your journey!
Love as Always
Kelly xo

Once you have registered via the payment plan, you will receive a confirmation email with all of the information you need to book your first session!  
The Becoming You Membership is also included and access will be automatically provided!


Duration - 12 Months

12 x 60 minute - Online Calls - Scheduled Monthly

Becoming You Membership

Homework Provided 

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I took Kelly's 101 class without knowing what to expect or how it would help me, considering I had no prior experience. I hoped that her class would heighten senses and intuition that I knew I had within me. Her class did and so much more! Kelly is an incredibly kind, funny and genuinely warm hearted individual. I look forward to class to learn from her and the others whom are in the class that all have various talents of their own to share and learn from. I have learned about my Archangels and how they can support me, how to meditate and be present. My 2 favorite classes were learning to read Oracle cards and energy colors. Not only have I heightened my awareness around me but I have learned I truly do have a hidden talent or two!!! Thank you Kelly for teaching me how to hone in on skills I have always had within me! I would recommend this class for anyone without experience or with! Thank you Kelly!

Debbie, Canada

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It Will Change Your Life

​This is an Intermediate to Advanced group based course that will provide you with a solid foundation to either continue learning, embrace a new life path or simply incorporate into your general day to day!

Are you curious about Angels, Guides - The Stars, Planets and the Galactic's!

The Galactics are closer than ever before as we reach the highest points in frequency that Earth has ever seen! This means that they are more available to teach and guide us.  To aid us in healing and allowing our truest vibration to shine brighter than ever before!

101 will take you from mundane to MAGIC -  to actually living your life with connection, purpose and clarity!

You will be provided with inspiration & strength in helping you uncover your Intuitive and your Psychic abilities as well as who you are as a Starseed!

 Bring you understanding as to why you have always felt different and to finally uncover the power within you & the reason for your being!

Start Date 2nd February 2022

Duration - 6 Months 

12 Workshops - Bi Weekly - Online

Becoming You Healing Membership is also included!  Sign up Now - Limited Space Available

101 is not currently open for enrollment - please subscribe below to keep up to date with opening dates!


Only Available to Graduates of 101

Hold on as we delve deeper into your spiritual side, while continuing to heal and open our hearts to an abundance of love!

Your vibrations are getting higher and the mundane day to day that used to rile you is no longer a blip on your radar!

You have come so far, grown so much and you are literally just getting started!

Duration - Six Months

12 Workshops - Bi Weekly - Online

Not currently open for enrollment!

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