Becoming You!

Unlock the Key to your Heart!


$38 Monthly

It is my mission is to show you, how you have everything you will ever need right inside of you! 

You have the power you seek!  You have the power and the peace and you most certainly have the ability to heal!  

Becoming You is a monthly subscription where I, The 47 & The Archangels teach you how to tune in & trust  your own Intuition and Spiritual Guidance -  becoming the master of your own life and uncovering the true you!

Membership Includes

3D Pink Flower

Keplar Healing Heart Activation

A monthly live event whereby Kelly is a conduit for the higher dimensions, to provide a pure healing experience.  You will receive exactly the help that you need.  Releasing what maybe holding you back to breathing in only the highest frequency of all - love!

Intuitive Q&A

A monthly live event where you have the opportunity to ask Kelly a question! Whether it concerns your work, family, relationships or just for you!

This is not for Kelly to pass on messages from loved ones, but to provide intuitive guidance for you!

Questions to be submitted prior!

Includes Channeled Messages

3D Pink Flower

Membership Includes

Monthly Group Healing Activation with A Channeled Message

90 Mins


Monthly Intuitive Circle with Live Q & A

90 Mins


One Prerecorded Meditation!


New Channeled Material from The 47



A Group Reading once a Quarter


Special Members Only Rates for Workshops and Events!


Private "Becoming You" Community


Never miss a thing!  All recordings will be uploaded within 48 hours

With so many aspects of oneself, The Mother, The Father, The Son, The Daughter, The Wife, The Husband, The Worker, The Caretaker a different coat is worn!  A new face is presented to the world, but is it yours?  To Become You is to remove the coat, to bare all, peeling back each layer of oneself to discover the richness that lies within! 

With patience in your journey and divinity in your heart you can Become You!

The 47