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Kelly Smart

Revolutionizing Healing for the Collective, One Starseed at a Time!

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"The Universe..

...will force you to feel uncomfortable in order for you to be at peace within the noise!"

                                Kelly Smart

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Private Time with Kelly

"I’ve had a few readings with Kelly and appreciated all the messages and confirmations she provides. I also had a spiritual healing session which was a turning point for me as I noticed since that session, I feel much more spiritually awake and connected (it feels intense at times)! Thank you Kelly for your kindness, compassion and your gift! Highly recommend!"

Meditation Class

Becoming You


A sacred space created for you & your healing!  Join us and be surrounded by more divine souls ready to take a leap on themselves and uncover their true light!


Check out my handmade macrame and jewelry!  Its all about the love being that is channeled direct from the Angels into every single piece


About Me

A Unique Medium

My name is Kelly Smart, a Spiritual Medium & Life Coach

Channeling the higher consciousness of The 47, to guide you on a journey of self discovery to true alignment!  To transmute all aspects of fear and darkness into the light, deep inside your heart!

I am here to teach you, how you can heal through any kind of trauma by just tapping inside your heart and allowing it to flow!  There is nothing to fear from opening yourself up and taking a peek inside!  You are not your thoughts or feelings!  You are beautiful just as you are, you are supported. loved and never alone!

Change is constant!  Change is powerful!  You can change your life too, just as I changed mine!

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