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Kelly Smart

Revolutionizing Ascension for the Collective!

New Earth is Here!

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New Earth is NOW

The Requirement to Ascend is greater than ever!


 Kelly Smart

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Private Time with Kelly

"I’ve had a few sessions with Kelly and appreciated all the messages and confirmations she provides. I also had a spiritual healing session which was a turning point for me as I noticed since that session, I feel much more spiritually awake and connected (it feels intense at times)! Thank you Kelly for your kindness, compassion and your gift! Highly recommend!"

About Me

I am Kelly Smart and I am the Light!

I met the light 10 years ago, subtle at first but most definitely enlightening!  I didn't know what it was exactly but the energy was electrifying and definitely undeniable.  Since that day my life has been a whirlwind, you could even say a tornado as I navigated through the lens of darkness.  

Over the years I have learnt what is necessary to evolve and become who I was at the very beginning to be who I am now! I am constantly told "Forget everything you know!" and the reason - well we were taught by the dark.  For millennia we have been birthed into the dark, molded by the dark and buried in the dark!

The light has been buried deep, deep inside but now we can be free.  Now we can all be the LIGHT!  

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