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101 with Kelly;  I just completed this course. I had no expectations, yet excited to learn something new and different. It was a last minute sign up - literally, last min!  And I am so grateful I did.  Areas of my life I may have thought I was paying attention to, only to realize that during our bi-weekly sessions, I realized something about myself that had been there all along.  Kelly, takes you through each session with guiding you step-by-step of areas of yourself you may have not known you had it within you, or feel safe to bring forward. At least that is what it has done for me.  Living in the present, tuning into your higher self, grounding, healing and being guided with the obvious signs. This is something I know I can always fall back on at any time, anywhere.

Great way to meet other and connect intuitively. Our group was fun and amazing!

Thank you Kelly for all that you do!

I highly recommend this course 


I clicked on Kelly’s Facebook page one day and glad I did! Kelly has helped me through my healing journey, I joined the 101 class to understand myself and put the world into perspective and that is exactly what happened.  I worry less about  things and concentrate on   what makes me happy.  Kelly’s guidance in my journey  has been inspiring and opened up my mind to new ideas!!

I can’t say enough!!! 


I can’t express the feeling of peace I have after seeing Kelly , she confirmed to me my dad was around me and she knew things I can’t explain. I highly recommend her , her gift is amazing and I am so blessed to have met and had a reading. It was worth every penny to have the peace I now have. I highly recommend her and her gift of healing.


I had been looking for an intuitive medium and found Kelly via a friend. I felt drawn to Kelly from the moment my friend showed me her reading. I have had private and group readings and healings, participated in her workshops and am registered in her 101 class. Her messages from spirit are filled with love, laughter and light. Kelly teaches us about self love, protection, manifestation and to have confidence as we build a life filled with good health, peace, gratitude and happiness. Thank you so much for all your guidance. xxx


I happened across Kelly's name in a Facebook group. A woman was looking for a reliable medium, and Kelly's name was mentioned. A few months later I decided it was time for reading. Before my reading, I was browsing reviews of the 101 course, and one comment stood out, "If you are even thinking about taking this course, just do it." At the end of an incredibly accurate reading I did just that.

I didn't know what to expect, but any trepidation quickly subsided in the first session. I felt like I'd known Kelly and the other women for a lifetime. This was better than any talk therapy I'd attended. It's difficult to put into words the impact this course has had on me, but I feel as though I have finally found my feet. There is an inner peace and calmness that I've never had before. Knowing my "squad" are here to guide me through life, makes dealing with challenges so much easier.

Thank you Kelly, and I can't wait to start 111.


I’ve had a few readings with Kelly and appreciated all the messages and confirmations she provides. I also had a spiritual healing session which was a turning point for me as I noticed since that session, I feel much more spiritually awake and connected (it feels intense at times)! Thank you Kelly for your kindness, compassion and your gift! Highly recommend!


I only heard Kelly this week and was immediately drawn to her positive energy. I booked a private reading and impressed. She is so intuitive and compassionate and articulate...I am very impressed and grateful we have been brought together!


I am a graduate of Kelly’s Enlightenment 101 and 111 courses. I knew I had spiritual gifts hiding inside me and when this course was announced, I knew it was just what I needed. Eagerly I signed up for 101 and with Kelly’s guidance and teaching’s, with all the fun practices we did and with the support of my newly found “tribe”, I found the courage and ability to develop my gifts, and was happy to know that what I had was real. Kelly had an encouraging way to pull it out of me and many times, there was a lot of laughter as she did so. Sad as I was that 101 was ending, 111 was being developed and I couldn’t wait to begin. 111, like 101 was jam packed with so many wonderful components of spiritual learning. Even though we ended up doing 111 online, the energy within the group was as strong as ever and I could feel the shift in me, I had learned to trust in myself, I was making deeper spiritual connections, I was “seeing” more clearly and I was getting ready to fly. If you are getting the nudge to dip your toe into some spiritual learning or wish to further develop your spiritual gifts; I urge you to sign up for the Enlightenment courses with Kelly Smart. They just might be the springboard you need to feel confident enough to share your gifts with the world.


Kelly is the full package! Brilliant, spot on, she goes the extra mile, but most of all; she’s truly caring.

I’ve had the privilege of having her as a teacher, and she is the BEST! She can see things in you, that you had no idea existed! She brings out confidence you didn’t know you had. And she genuinely loves to teach! And it shows in every class.

If you are drawn to her, like I was... I would recommend her classes, hands down! Nothing is a coincidence.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly in my store awhile back and i was instantly drawn to her pure energy. She told me she was a medium (believe me when i say i have met many people who tell me they are a medium). I have had a few readings in my life with "medium's " and have been very disappointed. It seemed in my opinion that the information was very general. I booked a reading with Kelly last night hoping to connect with my brother who had passed exactly 2 years to the date of my reading. To say I was floored at the accuracy of her messages for me from him is an understatement. She told me things that only my brother & I would know. Gave me accurate descriptions and answered all my questions. If you have lost someone & want to connect with them i highly recommend Kelly. She is a kind gentle soul who truly can connect with the deceased. Kelly is a light in this world who shares her gift with Love & compassion. Thank you so much Bella xo


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are reading this then pay heed to the message.

I was first introduced to Kelly by a friend telling me I had to watch one of her live Facebook posts. I was shocked when she pulled a card for me that night and the message resonated with me instantly. I booked a session with her right after and it was the most amazing reading I had ever received and I have had a bunch with others. When I learned she taught a course “101” I knew this was what I had been looking for for so long. I had tried everything under the sun to change my external self-looking for fulfillment with no success but came to realize that pure joy, transformation and love comes from within and I knew I had found my teacher.

Over the next 6 months I learned “to be present” and “let go” of what did not serve me. Kelly taught me to be mindful, aware and most of all connected. She opened what I truly describe as a life changing shift in my being. During some of her mediations I have experienced true joy and oneness with spirit on a level I never thought possible. The feelings defy words. The journey has not always been an easy one and there were real moments of challenge, doubt and discomfort but changing a lifetime of beliefs and behaviours requires work but the transformation was worth every tear and occasional dark day. Kelly gives you the tools and walks you through your journey helping you to find your inner voice, your connection to the spirit within and around you. And the fact that you are doing it alongside a tribe of likeminded individuals, sharing your journey, learning from each other, supporting each other, discovering talents that had been dormant just waiting for the light to illuminate the power within is one of the best parts of her course. Kelly truly demonstrates how she believes in and cares for you and takes you on a path to where you will come to believe it too. Thanks to Kelly, her course, her divine power and her unwavering support I truly have found a peace and connection that I have longed for my whole life. I now feel the boundless possibilities that surround me. I feel powerful, connected, loved and surrounded by the angels always.

Kelly has given me such a gift I will forever treasure and be thankful for every day.


Where do I start! Kelly is just phenomenal! It is truly hard to properly put into words the experience of a reading and a healing session! Her readings are eye-opening, thought-provoking and very insightful! She makes you feel very comfortable and takes you on a journey in the healing session! She is truly gifted in the ways of communicating with Spirit and receiving divine messages and guidance.  I joined the 101 & 111 courses with Kelly, and was left profoundly changed by the experience. For me it wasn’t just a webinar or a workshop. It went beyond that. It allowed me to really look inside myself, open up and begin to take my spiritual journey to a higher level. Kelly is a gifted healer and teacher. I am grateful for the lessons, guidance, healing and meaningful connections I have made. I learned to trust in my spiritual development and am more open to receive signs and messages.💙


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for Kelly’s 101 course. I had several friends who took the classes and loved it. I’ve always been interested in exploring the more spiritual side of life and drawn to the otherworldly in general, so was excited about the possibility of expanding my own understanding of both myself and the world in its entirety. I’d been told the class was life changing, thought that may have been largely hyperbolic, but decided to take the plunge and really explore a side of myself and the world I’d been curious about, but had been sort of vaguely stumbling around trying to find my own way. I needed a teacher and I found that in Kelly. Coming out the other side of the class, I can say without a doubt the class is life changing in every sense of the word. It is not an exaggeration in the slightest. From the completion of the very first class I found myself learning how to better deal with my anxiety and approach the world around me. By midway through the classes the anger and irritation I didn’t even realize I’d been carrying with me had largely vanished. Kelly will push you to confront pieces of yourself and your life you may wish to leave in the past. It’s hard, but all things in life worth doing are difficult. I stand here today, on the other side of her classes, witnessing not only a change in my mental health, but my perception of reality and the world around me. I’ve learned to trust my intuition, and through various exercises have found I can tap into a part of my mind I’d only tangentially thought available. Thanks to Kelly I find myself more present, each and every day, and as a result living in the moment and finding magic there with me. If you are questioning whether to take the course, do it. Kelly is a one of a kind mentor. She will laugh with you. She will cry with you. She will push you to be the best version of yourself. And on the other end of her tutelage, you will come out changed. 10/10 recommend.


I initially had a reading with Kelly and it was very clear I needed more than that initial reading. I signed up for the 101 course looking for personal help and growth. I wanted to be a better person and better example for my children. I knew the way I had been living my life wasn't living. I was just getting by, I was barely breathing, and had no balance in my life. After completing the 12 week course I learned I had a lot of anxiety and it had taken over my life. Kelly taught me how to take control and release it. I became present and grounded. I learned how to set boundaries, be fun again and not let the little hiccups ruin everything around me. Kelly changed my life, my relationships and helped me create new relationships with my spiritual team. I will forever be grateful.


I highly recommend taking the 101 course... I came across Kelly just over a year ago doing a Facebook live and immediately felt like I knew her or had to get to know her... not to mention that accent and laugh! The following week I saw a post about a 101 course... read it thought about it and tried to ignore it (I made a list of excuses why I couldn’t do it) But the darn course kept coming up in my mind or posts... and my gut kept saying “go for it, treat your self to this ... something for you” again I tried to ignore it. I happened to come across another live and Kelly pulled a card for me BAM it hit me again... Fill your cup... self love... take care of you. This was not going to go away So I decided to go for it, I booked a reading and signed myself up. I have absolutely NO regrets! Not only does Kelly teach how to be present, listen, raise your vibration she encourages and teaches you how to find you..that inner you. In a safe space without judgment, and you become surrounded with a group of like minded individuals that become your tribe and I will forever be grateful for them. Kelly helped me deal with things I didn’t even know I needed to deal with or work on, self love, trust and building a relationship with yourself. She is real, honest and is very vulnerable and raw about her experiences which helps those walls come down. Completely life changing on so many levels, if you can be open you will not regret it! Best “virtual slap” of your life (You’ll know what that means soon enough) can’t wait for 111!


There are really are no words to properly describe how amazing this woman is. From the moment you meet her, she exudes love and light. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly a couple of times and both times the experience was wonderful. She was able to accurately give a timetable of future events and showed me that my loved ones are close by. I left with a better sense of self and a higher sense of peace. I cannot recommend her enough. I will be seeing her again soon for a healing and anytime I need some clarity in my life. Thank you Kelly. You are truly a blessing.


Just had the best hour video call with Kelly.. words cannot express how grateful I am for the reading and kind words. This was truly a life changing experience that I have desperately needed for the past four years. She contacted two of my passed loved ones and gave me a deeper understanding of why my soul feels the way I do and I feel much more at peace with my past knowing it happened for a reason and I will get where i need to be, with patience and determination. Thank you so much!!!  Highly suggest having her do a reading for you!


Several years ago, I met Kelly Smart at a Level 1 Reiki training session. My sister and I had an instant connection with her. During a break in our training, Kelly spoke of our brother, who had recently passed, and was very present. Over the years, I’ve had private readings, readings with my Sister, group readings and a series of private Spiritual Healing sessions. All I have learned and experienced, with Kelly’s help, has opened me to accessing and receiving messages from loved ones who have passed. My second brother, passed just over a year ago, also from addiction.


During one of our sessions, I received messages from my brother, assuring me that this life had provided him with the learning he needed to move on. He also said that the learning will move forward with those in the past and in the future. This provided reassurance to me as

addiction is and has been a family concern. My gratitude for Kelly and her incredible skills and abilities is boundless! Having suddenly lost a very dear friend recently, and receiving messages from her, I know it’s time to connect with Kelly again!


I have had numerous readings with Kelly. I have also participated in her online classes and most recently, I have experienced a healing from her. She is wonderful. She is honest with you and is never out to serve herself. She is positive and encouraging. She is your own personal cheering section, offering you inspiration and encouragement to be who you are meant to be. To embrace who you are. I would highly recommend any service Kelly provides. In Kelly, you are getting someone who truly wants to help you heal and move forward in your life without any hidden agendas.

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