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How it all began - My Healing Journey

In 2015 I gave birth to my youngest son, Oliver!  My beautiful magnificent son, I was so in love with him, magically in love with him,  but I didn't feel right, I was having uncontrollable thoughts and as happy as I was, I was also so very miserable, just crying out to be alone!  I was soon diagnosed with Postpartum depression and I was referred to a local hospital to have weekly visits with a Psychotherapist.  It became apparent quickly, that this wasn't really Postpartum, but a depression that I had been hiding from all of my life!  

Although I have been able to connect with The Angels all of my life, it is only now that I understand why it took me to my mid 30's to be mature enough to embrace them and everything else that "Being Spiritual" includes!

I stayed in therapy for nearly a year! Each week I began to feel lighter and less like a robot just calculating the day. I began to live my life and as the emotional and mental weight began to shift, the Angels became clearer!  I was starting to heal!  Starting to understand that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me!  Starting to realise that I deserved to be loved.  Understanding that I am love and the life I thought I had been living, I had actually just been existing!  Change was here and it arrived in the most subtle ways!  Flashes of inspiration and joy started to develop in my mind, which was a far cry from the incessant anxiety from my ever evolving negative thinking!

Yes, it has been hard and yes, the past few years have been a rollercoaster of emotional elation and turmoil!  But the beauty, love & connection I have experienced over these years is simply indescribable and the best part, is it never ends.  I have to continue to heal, my goodness I have healed from traumas I never knew I experienced!  Experiences buried so deep that they were completely hidden from my consciousness, only the subconscious was aware!  But with the help of the Angels I know I can do this!  I know my purpose it to teach others how they can heal, so I have to have the courage to pave the way.

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